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Was?! Darum ist diese Bloggerin für ihre Fehlgeburt dankbar


Eine Fehlgeburt kann für Mädchen das Schlimmste sein, was ihnen passieren kann. Eine Bloggerin sieht das anders – sie ist für ihre Fehlgeburt sogar dankbar!

Shelley Melting ist „froh“, eine Fehlgeburt erlitten zu haben. „Mein Mann und ich sind dankbar“, schrieb die Fitness-Bloggerin, welche schon zwei Kinder hat. Zwar war sie zunächst über die Fehlgeburt ihres dritten Kindes sehr traurig, aber sie wollte sich nicht mit negativen Emotionen quälen: „Ich bin dankbar, dass ich kurz die Bindung erleben durfte, die eine Frau fühlt, wenn ein kleiner Mensch in ihrem Bauch wächst. Dankbar, dass ich die Liebe fühlen durfte, die man zu jemanden empfinden kann, den man noch nie getroffen hat.“

"You've Lost your Baby" 👆🏼The hard part is over, right? WRONG! I'm about to get Raw & Real… not because I feel comfortable to but because I think it's important for All the Other Woman (the 1/4) to hear. We've endured one of the most Emotionally and Sometimes Physically painful thing we could ever Endure as a Female and although it's "Over" it's NEVER REALLY Over! Now… We scroll our Facebooks where it seems to be that EVERY other Couple has a Mom & Dad Coffee Mug with little booties in between… INSERT KNIFE TO THE ❤️ HERE We Go on a Walk to clear our Minds only to see a Mom walking with her New Born Baby in the adorable little stroller we pinned to our Pinterest board just a few weeks prior… INSERT KNIFE TO THE ❤️ HERE We Turn on the TV to Watch our Fav Show "Friends" to only see it's the one where Rachel Gets Pregnant… INSERT KNIFE TO THE ❤️ HERE We Receive a package in the Mail with the T shirt we were going to use to So Excitedly Announce our Pregnancy to the World…INSERT KNIFE TO THE ❤️ HERE We get invited to a Baby Shower that just so Happens to be the day we had our first Ultrasound scheduled to hear the heartbeat of our Baby that we Now have to call and Cancel… INSERT KNIFE TO THE ❤️ HERE and On Top of it all… WE FEEL Ashamed For Feeling angry at all the Happiness & Love that Surrounds us from the things listed above! It's Not Over! It will Never be Over! We will always carry this Pain! and we will always feel Powerless about the situation that occurred! And although we can't control What Happened we can control how we handle it! Personally I plan on handling it with Purpose… Sharing my story Being public about my feelings Digging into the Real & Raw Emotions Why??? I HAVE NO IDEA HONESTLY lol Maybe it's a Coping Mechanism or Maybe it's my Destiny but I can't help but imagine that something EXTREMELY POWERFUL can come out of Something that Feels So EXTREMELY POWERLESS! #AngelBaby #ForeverInOurHeart #MommyToBe #futuremommy

Ein Beitrag geteilt von Shelly Mettling 💋 (@shellymettling) am

Dennoch vergeht der Schmerz nicht. „Man muss nur durch Facebook scrollen und all die glücklichen Mütter mit ihren neugeborenen Babys sehen, um einen Stich im Herz zu spüren“, schreibt Shelley Melting.

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